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Welcome to The Cave

Hey there, welcome!

I’m glad you enjoyed part one of my four part series on business networking and connecting with influencers: “The Little Actions That Matter”.

I mean, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t like it, right?

If you don’t care about my intro here and want to get straight to part two, “Income is the Wrong Metric”, simply stick your name and email below and carry on. But if you’re curious about this whole “Cave of Monsters” thing, keep scrolling…

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OK. So what is Cave of Monsters?

Allow me to give you a “quick tour”: It’s a long-form blog founded with my friend and colleague, Joshua Harbert.

We built this site to help people create their (im)possible future.

And what that means isn’t some cheesy self-help slogan like “follow your dreams” or “live your passion”… it’s more like, how can you get where you want to go, make good money doing it… while staying spiritually grounded?

That was the key. We wanted to help people be wealthy and happy. We wanted a mix of practical tips and spiritual principles. We wanted to develop ourselves and others into people who can walk into the chaos… and be OK with it.

Does this resonate with you?

If so, here’s what you can expect from us when you join our little community here:

  • Thoughts on how to be entrepreneurial, spiritual and creative at the same time…
  • Practical, road-tested strategies on how to connect, network and grow…
  • Reviews and summaries of books across multiple disciplines…
  • (In the making) interviews with influencers, thought leaders and doers…
  • But most importantly, stuff that will help you reinvent your game…

OK - that’s it.

Be a part of The Cave by putting your name and email in the form below… and I’ll also send you directly to part two of our four-part series on networking and connecting with influencers…

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Thanks for being here!

Be Kind & Stay Zen,

P.S. Want a longer explanation of what The Cave is all about first? No problem. We wrote a long-ass manifesto-slash-about-us-page here:


Remember, come back to THIS PAGE to subscribe though. I want to make sure you get parts two, three and four in this blog series.

It’s some of my best work, and it will help you grow your business, career or whatever you’re growing.